Bootheel Southern Catering- Fresh Bold & Delicious Southern Cuisine

"Barbecue to Black Tie"

Bootheel is a specialty caterer based in Arlington, Virginia. We provide a wide variety of services to the Washington DC Metro area and nationwide via mail order.

Bootheel offers delicious Southern cuisine, award winning pit barbecue, seasonal side dishes and home-style desserts.

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A Little Background...

About the Chef


We take our name from a part of rural Southeast Missouri known as the "Bootheel" [boot-heel]. The Missouri Bootheel is the southeastern part of the state where the Missouri border dips down in to Arkansas forming a rectangular-shaped extension that resembles the heel of a boot. Some might say it’s a “panhandle”. 

The Bootheel region is unique!  It brings together the culinary influences not only from Missouri, but those of Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and even Texas! The Bootheel's proximity to the Mississippi River means that over many years, generations of travelers with diverse cultural backgrounds influenced the region. This created a cultural melting pot that shaped the culinary techniques and flavors of the region. These early travelers and settlers used a variety of farm fresh ingredients and cooking methods that produced incredible food with bold flavors….our food is reflective of this style of fresh and inspiring cuisine.

Bootheel Hospitality Group, LLC (Bootheel Cooking & Catering) is licensed and insured. All food is prepared in an approved commercial kitchen under the guidance of a certified food service manager.